• WILD Woman New Moon Circle

    The sacred gathering of women is ancient, and this space is where we remember and reclaim our instinctive, innate power to heal, manifest, create, and birth peace within and in this natural world. Where two or more women form a circle, magic emerges.
    The New Moon embodies an opening into increased Ayurvedic Vata energy, a call to deeply fortify the Root Chakra, and a time of deep inward nurturing. We will explore that which is unfolding around us – a falling away of the exterior, a stripping away, a time of moving beneath the surface.
    Together, we will experience a nutritive, nervous system healing herb; heart-centered meditation; creative intuitive writing; sharing of intention; storytelling; weaving of a potent ladder (a sacred object for you to manifest with all month); the building of community; and an energy medicine technique to calm Vata.
    Space is limited to 15 women.
    2-2.5 hours. $25/wild woman.
    Starting at 7:30pm
    The circle is led by Tanja Krupa, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Ama-Deus® practitioner, certified reflexologist, herbalist, and writer.