• Sarah Doyle, LMSW
    Executive Director

    A licensed Master Social Worker in both clinical and macro specialty, Sarah has worked as a facilitator, counselor and advocate for families in a variety of settings, including schools, residential facilities, in-home and clinics, locally and abroad. Sarah strives to develop community organization through her work with non-profits.  She has served as the Trainings and Technical Assistance Chair for the Michigan Network For Youth and Families’ board and served on the Community Advisory Board for the University of Michigan Maternal and Child Health Training Program.

    She currently serves on the Board of Directors for South Oakland Shelter as well as on her local AAUP union as a member of the Academic Staff Steering Committee.  After being an active member of the Wayne State University School of Social Work Alumni Board, Sarah joined the School of Social Work as an Advisor for the Master’s program.  She is currently completing a certificate in Maternal Mental Health through Postpartum Support International.  As a new mom, she hopes to instill a sense of support and provide resources for moms within her community.

  • Mikki Hill

    Mikki is the owner of Family, Health & Harmony, LLC, where she provides consultation to Head Start programs as well as facilitates parent and teacher trainings. She also provides infant massage classes in the community, home assessments for child proofing and individual and family therapy. Full time, Mikki is an Infant Mental Health Therapist with Washtenaw County Community Mental Health.  Mikki graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor’s in Social Work in 2002 and from Wayne State University with a Master’s in Social Work in 2006. She also has a level III Infant Mental Health Endorsement through the Michigan Association of Infant Mental Health.

    Other professional certifications include Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), through the State of Michigan; child proofing assessments, through the International Association of Child Safety; infant massage instructor, through Infant Massage USA.  Mikki’s passion is in working with families to strengthening bonding and attachment between parents and young children.  When not working, Mikki enjoys spending time with her husband and their two daughters, ages 9 and 6.

  • Juliana Schewe, E-RYT, RPYT, YACEP, Dancing for Birth™ Instructor
    Director of Fitness & Education

    Juliana is a trained Anusara-Inspired Yoga teacher whose playful and creative classes weave together metaphor, philosophy and principles of alignment. Her classes are infused with her effervescent personality and encouraging nature. As a visual artist and belly dancer, Juliana was drawn to yoga as a means of harnessing her creative energy, to alleviate stress and to deepen her awareness of the anatomy and movement of the body.  She specializes in prenatal yoga and completed her training through Mindful Mamas and wants to support mamas-to-be as she was during her pregnancy. She has been belly dancing for 15 years and belly danced throughout her entire first & second pregnancies as well as through first stage labor. She has masters degrees in Fine Arts as well as in Art Education and currently works in public education.  Yoga, belly dance and art are a way of life for Juliana. As a new mother, she is committed to living her life with compassion and awareness, in order to create a strong foundation for her family and the global community to flourish.

  • Joanna Beatty
    School Psychologist

    Joanna holds an education specialist equivalent from Wayne State University’s School and Community Psychology program.  She is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist who has over 18 years of experience working in education, with 15 years of experience in special education.  Joanna passionately believes in celebrating the small, quiet moments that create our relationships with children- moments in nature, moments in sharing a story or a song, moments in a good-night ritual.  Her most rewarding work has been with supporting children with challenging behaviors at home and in the classroom.  Hearing what children are telling us with their behaviors is always one of her goals.  She has a passion for supporting families in navigating special education, always striving to promote strong relationships between child and family, as well as between family and school.  Joanna and her husband live in Royal Oak with their two children.


  • Tessa Benziger
    Yoga Teacher

    Tessa Benziger is a registered yoga teacher and a master’s level social worker and therapist. She is passionate about helping children and adults alike connect with their own source of peace and strength through yoga, breath, meditation, and empowerment-based counseling.  She is a Certified Trauma Specialist through the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children, and has completed her prenatal certification through Mindful Mamas. She is the mother of three wild and beautiful children, and practices mindfulness daily to help manage her sleep-deprived, stain-covered, love-filled life.  

  • Pam Anzicek, MSN, RN, IBCLC
    Pam is passionate about helping moms to meet their breastfeeding goals.  Whether you would like to breastfeed for 2 days, 2 months, 2 years, or beyond, she is here to help!  Pam has been helping moms to breastfeed and/or pump milk for their babies ever since she became a Registered Nurse.  In 2007, she finally had 2000 hours of supervised direct contact with breastfeeding mothers and babies, and was eligible to sit for the International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Exam.  The good news is that she passed, and has been an IBCLC since that year.  She sees mothers and babies in her Waterford office (at The Mind Body Collective), in their homes, and now at Nature's Playhouse!  
    In addition to being an IBCLC, Pam is Lecturer at the University of Michigan-Flint in Community Health Nursing and Health Promotion. She lives in Clarkston with her husband and daughter.  


  • Cortney Bugar
    Infant Massage

    Cortney is trained in Infant Massage though Infant Massage USA. She is also working towards certification in an evidenced based intervention, Parent Child Interaction Therapy, or PCIT, for short. Full time, Cortney is the Quality Supervisor for Starfish Family Services in Wayne County. Cortney graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Social Work in 2004 and a Masters of Social Work in 2005 from Eastern Michigan University. When not working, Cortney enjoys spending time with her lovely, strong spirited daughters.

  • Ashley Gammon, CPT, Mutu Pro™
    Fitness Instructor

    Ashley Gammon, CPT, Mutu Pro™. Ashley studied with American Council on Exercise to become certified as a personal trainer. She was also one of the first of 33 to be certified as a Mutu Pro™ by founder of Mutu System® Wendy Powell. This is a globally recognized, medically endorsed program designed specially for the postpartum body. Ashley is very passionate about teaching and educating women on how to ease their postartum body back into into fitness. So if you are looking to strengthen your core and pelvic floor and get fit + strong + body confident Ashley is your girl! The method she teaches can and will help with a diastasis recti, leaking, incontinence, alleviating lower back pain, the baby pooch and most of all gaining confidence in your new postpartum body. Ashley is a military wife and mother to three girls. She was a MuTu mama herself before she became a MuTu Pro. She truly believes that every woman, especially one who has had a child should know and do MuTu, and most importantly it is NEVER too late!

  • Michelle Hagerman
    Yoga Teacher

    Michelle is a registered yoga teacher, teaching since 2001. Her passion has been about creating a space for parents and caregivers, with their children to be present with one another. Believing that the ultimate act of mindfulness is the ability to notice oneself from the inside in the presence of our children, creating connections that are everlasting. Michelle is grateful to all the yogi's that have come before us to allow us to interpret yoga in our own way that fosters these connections. 


  • Linsey Higgins, LMSW

    Linsey is a licensed master clinical social worker with specific training in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. She is the mother of two daughters and deeply understands the challenges that pregnancy and parenting bring. She has worked in a wide range of social work settings, in the US and abroad, but as she transitioned into motherhood herself, a passion was born for supporting other pregnant and parenting people. Linsey utilizes a cognitive-behavioral therapy treatment modality which is highly practical and solutions-focused. She has an inclusive view of family, sexuality, and gender, and wants to support families in reaching their own goals. 

  • Kelly Konieczki
    Baby Sign

    Kelly Konieczki, founder of Momcat’s Signing Academy, began teaching Sign and Play Classes in 2011 in Grosse Pointe and has expanded throughout the Metro-Detroit community offering Story Times and other Enrichment programming. She is a Signing Time Academy Instructor, certified through the award-winning Baby Signing Time! and Signing Time! programs, as well as the Associate Director of the Academy. In 2012, she co-founded the Grosse Pointe Mompreneurs, whose mission is to be the go-to source for educational (and fun!) resources for families in Grosse Pointe, as well as provide support for other area Mompreneurs. Kelly is driven to spread the word about the power of signing and demonstrate how it is beneficial and FUN for ALL children regardless of their age or ability. The experience she’s had signing with her daughter inspired her to become an instructor and she looks forward to sharing the same amazing benefits with you and your family!

  • Tanja Krupa
    Certified Reflexologist & Reiki Master Teacher

    Tanja is a Usui/Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and Sacred Childbirth with Reiki practitioner who has studied all levels of Reiki with William Rand, Founder of the International Center for Reiki. A Certified Reflexologist with over 250 hours of reflexology training, she has also studied Clinical Aromatherapy, Healing Touch, Polarity Therapy, Herbalism, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). After over a decade as a freelance writer and university instructor, she embarked on a full-time journey of uncovering peace, joy, and vibrant living as a Holistic Well Being Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner. She is mother to two adventurous daughters and a beautiful baby son, and brings natural healing and gratitude into every aspect of her family’s life.

  • Larissa LaBelle
    Massage Therapist

    Larissa is a Licensed Massage Therapist, owner and sole proprietor of Massage Renewal LLC. Her passion is helping others find relief from pain and stress as well as finding a sense of body rejuvenation. Larissa’s interest in massage therapy was sparked by her completion of Life/Yoga Teacher training.  Larissa graduated from Irene’s Myomassology Institiute in 2010. Larissa currently works in a chiropractic setting, helping people to decrease pain and increase relaxation, circulation, muscle health and mobility. Her strengths as a massage therapist include: Therapeutic/Deep Tissue, Prenatal and Swedish massage. Larissa also offers in-home massage. As a parent herself, Larissa knows how difficult it can be to make time for one’s own needs. When we give a little to ourselves, it can help us nourish the lives around us.

  • Laurane Lake
    Baby Sign

    Laurane is the owner of Passerine Pals, and a certified instructor for Baby Signing Time! where she teaches children from 0 - 36 months how to communicate before they have their big-kid words. Laurane is a graduate from Specs Howard School of Media arts with a focus on Graphic Design. After the birth of her son, Evan, Laurane chose to stay home with him for the his first year. Having grown up with ASL her whole life, and seeing the near immediate benefits with Evan she fell in love with sharing the gift of communication with other families.

  • Tiffany Murray, LLMSW

    Tiffany is the mother of one loving, gentle spirited daughter.Through her experience of adjusting to the role of motherhood it was discovered the need to provide a sense of unity or community to the journey of attachment and bonding within a family. Tiffany is a Limited License Master level social worker with training in maternal mental health. Tiffany earned her bachelors in social work from Wayne State as well as her masters. Tiffany completed her Maternal Mental Health training from Postpartum Support International. Previous roles include working as a clinical social worker in hospice and palliative care,more recently Tiffany is working as a part of the Graduate Social Work advising team at Wayne State University after serving on the WSU Alumni board.

  • Karin Nanos
    Speech and Language Pathologist

    Karin has over 20 years of experience working in special education including inclusive education,  10 years as a speech pathologist (with a special focus on early childhood autism), and 5 years working in Early Intervention.  She is trained in Music Together! ® and leads drum circles as a Health Rhythms Facilitator for people of all ages.  Karin has a passion for connecting through music and for sharing her knowledge of Augmentative and Alternative Communication with families who need tools to help their children who are not yet talking to express themselves.

  • Danielle Whaley
    HypnoBirthing Instructor

    Danielle has worked serving families all over Metro-Detroit through her HypnoBirthing classes. Her dedication to the HypnoBirthing philosophy as well as her unique un-biased approach has helped many families have the birth they desire.
    Whether it's a cesarean, unmedicated, water birth, medicated, induction. Danielle teaches from the judgement free perspective to help you make it the birth YOU desire. Danielle lives in Oakland County with her husband Zach, their daughter Tegan, and their very loyal black lab, Zoe. In her free-time Danielle loves to go on long runs, cook, and play outside with her family.