• Fitness

    Prenatal Yoga  
    Prenatal yoga helps mamas stay present in their changing bodies and helps improve the nervous system by calming the mind, which helps to facilitate pain management during labor. It helps to build stamina and strengthen the body, while also balancing the changing hormones and helping to reduce stress. 

  • Yoga/Play 
    A unique class to Nature's Playhouse. Practice yoga while your child enjoys playing with our toys or practicing yoga by your side.

    Family Yoga
    Family yoga is designed to be a fun and playful class and a great way to model healthy behavior through the practice of yoga. This class incorporates partner poses, games, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. Enjoy spending time with your children as you strengthen family bonds.

    Baby & Me Yoga
    This class is a post-natal yoga class for parents and their babies(from 6 weeks to early walkers). It is designed as a way for mamas and other caregivers, to strengthen and tone their bodies gently, while bonding with their baby. Regardless of how your baby was born, vaginally, cesarean section or adopted, both parent and baby will both benefit from this class.  

    Little Movers Yoga & Movement
    Designed for your littlest yogi to explore movement, through yoga, song, dance and games, this class is guaranteed to get you both moving! This class strengthens communication between the caregiver and the child, and helps development body awareness through movement. This class is appropriate for walkers to 3 years. 

    Kids Yoga 
    Your little yogi will explore the many awesome benefits of the practice of yoga through story, adventure, and games. Yoga is a wonderful creative way for kids to discover their own strength, flexibility, and calm awareness.

    Baby & Me Workout
    A total fitness program that moms can do with their babies. It includes intervals of strength and body toning exercises using exercise tubing and the environment.

  • Dancing For Birth™
    This prenatal/postpartum class incorporates movements that are specifically designed for women in any stage of pregnancy, from preconception to postpartum women wearing their babies in a soft structured carrier, wrap or sling. The dance movements performed in this class are inspired by world dance forms such as Belly dance, African dance, Latin dance and interpretive dance. These classes celebrate birth, strengthen the body and awaken innate wisdom that will prepare you physically for birth and postpartum recovery. www.dancingforbirth.com

  • Adult Belly Dance Fitness 
    Belly dance is an empowering dance that connects both the mind and the body. This class focuses on basic belly dance technique through isolation and muscular training. The class includes warm up, technique, drills, and integration of technique in short dance combinations. 

    Kids Belly Dance 
    This belly dance series is designed for children ages 4-6 and will introduce basic belly dance technique, the fundamental posture, movement, and simple dance combinations in a fun learning environment. This class will help build social skills and dance confidence. 

  • Core. Body. Confident. STRONG
    A workout that is vital for any and all women! Come join Ashley Gammon, CPT and MuTu Pro™, for this class that will have you feeling strong and confident. This class will educate you on the importance of your pelvic floor and core. It will incorporate everyday movements and a focused breathing technique that will make you strong to the core! This Mutu® inspired class will have your entire body functioning correctly, from your feet all the way up to the top of your head. We will focus on reconnecting your brain with your core. All of the exercises I teach can be modified to meet your needs. The method I teach can help with a diastasis recti, getting rid of the baby pooch, alleviating lower back pain, incontinence and/or leaking, alignment, and preventing pelvic organ prolapse. Overall the program I teach is specifically designed for a postpartum body, no matter how long it's been! Come join me in this 45 minute class and get the body YOU deserve to have. One that functions and has you feeling confident!