• Nature’s Playhouse is an all-natural play & wellness center for children & families.
    In a world that is filled with noise-filled, over-stimulating play options for young children,our space offers a return to the play experiences of yesteryear.
    Nature's Playhouse provides valuable resources designed to support and enrich parents, parents-to-be, caregivers and families. 

  • Drop-In Play

    We offer a non-toxic yesteryear open playtime experience with our all-natural play environment. Enjoy spending time with other families at a relaxed unstructured pace. 


  • Courses

    Some of Nature's Playhouse's most popular services include our birthing & lactation classes, baby sign language, infant massage and free support groups.


  • Fitness classes emphasize natural methods of healing for the body through physically therapeutic exercise in compliment with centered thought for the combination of mind and body wellness.  


  • Upcoming Events and Workshops



    Ask Amy: Understanding Individual Education Programs (IEPs)

    Join Amy for the FREE information session on IEP's. More info and register HERE



    HypnoBirthing & Placenta Encapsulation Info Night

    Join Danielle for this FREE informational session on HypnoBirthing & Placenta Encapsulation. More info and register HERE



    Halloween Boofest with Little Wonders & Movers

    Join us as we bring together Little Wonders & Little Movers Yoga & Movement for some Halloween fun! 
    Registration & more info HERE



    LGBT Parenting Group

    The purpose of this FREE monthly group is for LGBT families to have a monthly opportunity to get together to get to know one another and to discuss topics of interest.
    Sunday, October 29th 3:30-5:30pm




    Join Danielle for the next session of HypnoBirthing starting Wednesday, November 1st 

    More info and register HERE



    Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead with Doodle Bugs

    An interactive and imaginative program supporting cognitive and emotional growth through a creative crash course in the arts. This course welcomes moms and dads in an immersive lesson in creativity and self expression.
    More information & register HERE



    Babes, Brews & Dancin' Shoes!

    Calling all moms, dads and caregivers. Learn a fun choreography while wearing your baby, and then head to Axle Brewery after class!
    More info & register HERE